School Board District 2 = City Council District 3 + District 4

About The Candidate

Christopher Brown, a fifth-generation Atlanta native is a proud graduate of Atlanta Public Schools from the historic Frederick Douglass High School. He also attended Georgia State University. Now making his second run as a public office candidate, Christopher is grounded in the community as an advocate, organizer, and entrepreneur.  

For the last thirteen  years he has served the community in various capacities such as NPU Ambassador for the City of Atlanta Department of Public Works and as an effective union leader where he established relationships with neighborhood leaders and officials from federal, state and local government. His experience and length of service enables him to develop and align creative resource ideas and effectively advocate on behalf of the community. Christopher is passionate about serving his community and has done so as a mentor, organizer, volunteer, and friend to all.  

Christopher was born and raised in District 2. At an early age, his family instilled the importance of public service and a good education. Those values are the foundation upon which Christopher serves his community today.

A natural grassroots organizer, Christopher started as a volunteer labor union organizer in 2005, organizing and recruiting new members. Elected by fellow co-workers, Christopher became the union representative of choice which lead to his role of Chief Union Steward now responsible for maintaining a constructive relationship between the Local and National Unions.  

As a City of Atlanta employee and leader for over a decade, Christopher is passionate about representing and defending the interests of others. Christopher continues to advocate for investment and work conditions of employees that assure best-in-class service delivery for our communities.  Christopher's extensive knowledge of policy, procedures, and operations along with fresh ideas and a working knowledge of the District's current needs, make him the best candidate for the job.  

Christopher Brown exemplifies the temperament you want in a trusted leader – a natural listener and consensus-builder who builds strong effective relationships and speaks his mind concisely. 

Enlist. Educate. Empower.